Years of creativity and dedication

Capri Corsair

The corsairs landed on Capri to enchant the women, to savour the colours, perfumes and flavours, and to loot precious gems...

Vis et Honor

Echoes of the battle cry of the great Roman generals who proudly marched down the course of life and on the battle fields.

The Puttini Collection

In this part of the world, there is a place of love known as happiness, which is a colourful carousel of precious putti...


If it be love indeed, tell me how much" said Cleopatra to her beloved Mark Anthony...

Magna Mater

In the Grotto of Matermania are the ruins of what was once a temple dedicated to Cybele...


...and Thetis went to Jupiter, the ruler of Olympus, and brought him a pomegranate...

Carpe Diem

The human passions clash with the passage of time, and only love can turn the hourglass.

Provident Capri

According to legend, one could not leave the island nor ever return without having a Capri coin.

Alter Ego

Give yourself the pleasure of pure freedom.


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